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I'm a professional photographer and multilingual communication consultant. This online photography gallery is a curated space where I'm uploading pictures representative of my main photographic interests and activities. It is a permanent work in progress.

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Home / 2011/02 Erol Bey, mender in Firuzaga [13]

Out of the 10 years I lived in Istanbul, I stayed 8 years in various flats in a boheme hip neigbourhood called Cihangir. Well actually I was living in the poorer part of it, Firuzaga, which at the time was not yet gentrified. The trendy coffee places hadn't started creeping in yet. There was living an old mender named Erol, with who I had chatted a couple of times (he was a keen francophone). At the time, I was attending a photography workshop in IFSAK with Dora Günel on narrative photography and Erol Bey was kind enough to accept me and my camera in his tiny shop. I went to see him a couple of times afterwards, to have some clothes mended (a leather jacket that gave him some trouble, a pair of trousers) and then I didn't go for a while as I had moved a bit further from this neighbourhood. At some point in Summer 2014, I asked the shopkeepers opposite why his shop was closed and was shocked to learn that he had died a couple of months before. I thought I should maybe try to find his relatives and give them some prints, but didn't do any of it, because I was not convinced it made any sense at all. Somehow, though, this series counts a lot for me because of the context in which it was made, and also because it's the first time someone I've photographed died and the photos are all that's left.