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  • Customer: Lino Bassanese;
  • Country: Italy;
  • Description: Business website. Temistools is a company which “serves the tire business by providing materials, automation solutions and tools for tire manufacturers and retreaders”;
  • Notable features: highly multilingual website (8 languages).

Customer feedback

Lino Bassanese

“Gregory is an all-round Corporate Communication expert”

September 2013

Gregory is an all-round Corporate Communication expert, with a substantial curriculum covering all major aspects of a comunication strategy, from concept to realisation.
We took good advantage of his abilites in conveying an organisation’s value, both as a web designer and as SEO consultant for market-specific websites.
I would recommend him to any company or other organisation willing to prospect a professional and coherent message using written, graphic, web and photographic media.

Lino BassaneseCEO of Temis1454 - website design by Semiocity – website design by Semiocity


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