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  • Customer: Matt Loftin;
  • Country: Turkey;
  • Description: Sonikraf (« sound shelf » in Turkish) is a website “dedicated to spreading the word about independent music within and without Turkey to those within and without Turkey”;
  • Notable features: front end user login and contribution, high customization, advanced media player, event calendar.

Customer feedback

Matt Loftin

“Greg is driven to produce high-quality sites”

October 20, 2014

Working with Greg was an absolute pleasure. I had very specific ideas about the site I wanted him to build, and he knew exactly the right questions to ask to enable himself to implement my concept. Whether in face-to-face meetings, online conversations, or phone calls, I found Greg to be very thoughtful and responsive. If and when I had some feedback for him about design, he was quickly reactive and able to find solutions that fit my budget. The site I wanted required an amount of customization, and he was able to meet all my needs. I’m really happy with the job he did, and all reactions to the site have been positive. Greg is driven to produce high-quality sites, and he does the research necessary to implement a customer’s vision within their budget.

Matt LoftinSonikraf - design by Semiocity – design by Semiocity


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